Wild Flowers and crops growing well in the sunshine at Ethie Mains

Farming: Our Passion

Live as though you'll die tomorrow, farm as though you'll live forever. (John Marsden)

The Gray family have been farming in Angus since 1987; far longer in East Lothian, Essex and elsewhere.

Farming at Ethie Mains is a business built on generations of industry, steady innovation, fertile soils and the temperate coastal climate. We are using those strong foundations to build a sustainable and professional farming enterprise which will continue to inspire future generations.

We take great pride in preserving the health of our soils and the wildlife that depends on them alongside a sustainable and profitable food producing business. Conversation is welcomed with anyone who shares our values and would like to be part of our journey.

Two Tractors with plough and drill in front of Dunninald Castle

Contract Farming

In addition to the 'Home Farm' at Ethie Mains; the Ethie Mains Farm Partnership provides labour, machinery and management expertise growing combinable crops for three other farm businesses.

We are well equipped to provide these services and pleased to accommodate our clients' requirements in Contract Farming Agreements or other Joint Venture Farming arrangements.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Dave and David Foote with their tractors and equipment at Ethie Mains

Our Team

Duncan Gray - Partner

Duncan was born into a large farming family and completed his degree in Agricultural Economics at Wye College, Kent and Massey University, New Zealand.

From 1976 to the present he has amassed a wealth of knowledge farming in East Lothian, Essex, Angus, Perthshire and Wester Ross. Now semi-retired he provides invaluable strategic and practical advice to the business.

Will Gray - Partner

Youngest of Duncan's five children - Will studied Natural Sciences followed by a brief sojourn into Management studies and a post-graduate diploma in Surveying.

After ten years working as a chartered surveyor, Will now puts his broad experience in Estate and Farm management to good use in the farm business at Ethie Mains.

Like his father; Will is a keen Natural Historian and Conservationist and works his love of wildlife and conservation into land management policy wherever possible.

Dave Foote - Grieve (Farm Manager)

Dave has a lifetime's practical farming experience spanning a 40 year career from Livestock farms to Forestry plantations and Aberdeenshire to Shrophire.

He has lived and worked at Ethie Mains for 19 years and has been responsible for the planning and execution of the majority of agricultural operations at Ethie during that time.

He takes great pride in all his work.

Dave L Foote - Apprentice Grieve

"Young Dave" as he is usually known shares his father's work ethic and can turn his hand to anything with characteristic good humour.  He joined the team in 2023 and can be relied upon to handle everything from ploughing to holiday lets.